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When It Looks Like A Hotel, It's Ready To Sell!!!!

Staging: Is it really necessary?  YES! YES! YES!
Think about when you go into a hotel room.  The first thing you think about is:  "Is it clean?, Can I tell if the last guests were here? Can I smell anything weird?"  You spent $100-$$$ and you want to get great value for your money, right?  
Now, think about being a buyer...walking into a house that costs A LOT of money.  It speaks to you quickly and gives you a HUGE HUG.  The natural smell of eucalyptus, the crispness of the linens, the sharpness of the paint, the sparkle of the windows, stainless steel and mirrors.  You're about to plunk down a bucket of money and, You Are Excited to do it because you LOVE THIS HOUSE!! You get into your car, think about how much money it costs, picture yourself making that your HOME. Then go to make an offer....and add some extra $$ so you DO NOT LOSE THAT HOUSE!  
Sellers....getting a storage unit, pulling out the paint, shoveling yards and yards of mulch, stripping personal items out of your house, then shining it up, is hard both physically and emotionally. Though, what's harder?  Getting it ready to show day after day or having to lower your price because no one is interested after their first viewing?  Finally, taking a much lower amount because it did not compete well in today's market?
I don't think you can go wrong by doing the hard work up front. Then you may be able to just sit back and relax!